Choosing the right surfski

Surfski Paddling

Surfski Choice – How do I know which Surfski I should choose? In life, nobody wakes up in the morning wanting to make a bad decision. Even more so when investing in a Surfski. Making any decision depends on how you answer two critical questions: What is the motivation behind the decision – “Why am […]

The Four F’s: What to look for in a PFD

In the last decade the US Coast Guard reported a sharp increase in paddling related deaths as a result of paddlers not wearing their lifejackets, or PFD’s. It has become more important than ever to don your jacket before taking to the water. But what do you do if your Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is […]

Attack the waves

#MockeMaxim:  Attack the Waves.  Zero Apprehension and Complete Commitment gets you through. Thinking back to my first national surf lifesaving competition (or Carnival as us Lifesavers call it) I literally get a cold shiver.  I was a Junior, 16 years old, and this was my first experience of the mighty Natal South Coast. My heart […]